Our Services and Pricing

Ours is a social media platform where users can share current affairs. To make our app more vocal, we are using a referral system where in users will get a chance to earn a certain amount by referrring the app to their friends.

These referral amounts varies -
Level 1 - Rs. 5
Level 2 - Rs. 1

How does referral system work?

When user registers on the app, they will receive a referral code. Using that unique referral code, user can refer the mobile app to other users. Once the user registers using that referral code, the user who referred the app will be awarded with an amount of Rs. 5 in their wallet. They can withdraw that amount in the later stages.

How to withdraw?

User can withdraw their wallet amount in two cases:
1. When they have paid a withdrawal activation fees of Rs. 50 to the admin using Paytm Payment Gateway.
2. When they have collected an amount of Rs. 1000 and and above in their wallet through refers.

When both of the above conditions satisfy then users need to share their paytm number and we will credit the amount in their paytm manually.